Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cotto's chances are slim

WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto has had things pretty easy since his last beating. His promoter Bob Arum has carefully guided Cotto since he was destroyed by Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao and has kept him away from dangerous threats of any kind. Arum has even helped Cotto pick up a paper title against one of his own fighters from his Top Rank stable, the light hitting Yuri Foreman.

But even in that one, Cotto looked terrible until Foreman injured his defective leg and the fight was halted soon after in the 9th. But Arum has done a great job of keeping Cotto winning perhaps a lot longer than he would have otherwise. Cotto isn’t the same fighter he once was three years ago. That much is evident. Arum is putting him in against another one of his Top Rank oldsters, 33-year-old Antonio Margarito, who has a great deal of mileage on his body.

The thought here is that Margarito may be degraded enough for Cotto to win this time.

Goodness knows, Cotto took a furious beating the last time he fought Margarito back in 2008, and was left a bloody barley recognizable mess. There wasn’t any rush to put Cotto back in with Margarito after that fight, but after two losses in his last three fights for Margarito, he’s now worthy of a rematch with Cotto. It’s pretty obvious that Cotto is the protected fighter here, the guy that’s supposed to win. But I’m not so sure if he can.

The body is willing but his skin and his inability to take hard shots without falling to pieces could be his downfall in this fight. Margarito already knows how to whip Cotto just by staying alive and landing shots. Cotto does all the rest by coming apart. All Margarito has to do is make sure he can stay in there long enough to put hands on Cotto and we’ll likely see Cotto bleeding like a stuck pig before too long.

Cotto vs Margarito will happen on December 3 at the Madison Square Garden.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cotto is going to win according says veteran trainer

Veteran trainer Emanuel Steward expects WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto to avenge his first career loss on December 3rd at New York's Madison Square Garden. Cotto faces Antonio Margarito of Mexico in a long awaited rematch. 

Margarito stopped Cotto in eleven rounds in 2008. Until recently, Steward was the head trainer of Cotto, but a scheduling conflict forced the Puerto Rican boxer to replace him with Cuba's Pedro Luis Diaz. 

Cotto should win without a doubt. He is much better fighter than Margarito in all facets, and he's taken much better care of himself in the past two years. Cotto has not received the punishment that Margarito has in the past two years. He is also stronger and he will benefit from having the support of the Puerto Rican fans in New York," Steward told Ray Alazaga.

Steward would have loved to train Cotto for this grudge match. That is a moment that I dreamed about, being being inside the ring to celebrate [the win over Margarito] with Miguel. My mission has always been to be part of his rebirth as a fighter, but it won't happen. The Puerto Rican fans are the best in boxing and that moment [when he beats Margarito] is going to be great.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Robert Garcia is training his boys to Mexico

With the traveling that Robert Garcia has completed in the past few days, what you know already he's accumulating frequent flyer miles. Rather, he's been traveling across the nation and abroad to organize his boxers for title defense in order to win world title belts. Garcia confirmed to on Friday evening that he'll be training super welterweight contender Antonio Margarito in Mexico City and never in Oxnard, CA. Garcia also confirmed that lightweight world title holder Brandon Rios will join him within the biggest city areas on the planet.

Both is going to be fighting on a single card on December 3rd at Madison Square Garden in New York. Margarito is going to be challenging Miguel Cotto for that WBA world title belt, while Rios is going to be defending his title against Englishman John Murray.

Additionally, lightweight Javier Garcia (6-2-1, 6 KO’s) will even visit Mexico City. Both Rios and Garcia reside in Oxnard and train in the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy in South Oxnard.

Although Garcia accepted likely to Mexico City was more convenient for Margarito, because he is taking pleasure in training there this time around instead of Oxnard, getting Rios and Garcia train inside a different atmosphere will suit them well, specifically for Garcia.

“It’s excellent for him to become uncovered to a different setting, a brand new atmosphere, especially with the personal issues that he's been through,” stated Garcia from his accommodation across in the Garden, where Nonito Donaire effectively defended his world title belt.

Robert Garcia may be the uncle to Javier, whose nickname is “Pelos.”

For the time being, Garcia stated he will remain in Mexico City and they'd return to Los Angeles only when Margarito doesn't feel at ease any longer in Mexico City.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Margarito hits training camp

Ex-IBF welterweight king Antonio Margarito has begun his training camping at Temoaya, Mexico to ready for his December 3rd bout versus WBA junior middleweight king Miguel Cotto in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Margarito, 33, is actually looking to regain the shape he had during the time he cranked Cotto in Round 11 3 years ago in 2008. That has been the peak stage for Margarito’s career and then it has been virtually all the way down slope ever since then regrettably for him having a couple of defeats against Shane Mosley and also Manny Pacquiao. Margarito also has lost two of the three fights ever since the Cotto win but appeared unlike the pounding machine he had been in the past. Cotto has been victorious in 4 in his very last 5 fights, although versus mainly beatable foes and never actually threatening enemy aside from Pacquiao, that effortlessly defeat Cotto by way of a 12th round TKO on November 2009.

Cotto, 30, particularly really wants to succeed this battle in order to convince boxing enthusiasts that he’s the actual greater boxer, however defeating Margarito at the moment will not verify considerably as he seems to now have fallen several notched from their very last battle 36 months back. Cotto finds far better good results, winning.

In the event that Margarito could place difficulty on Cotto and then make him run similar to what he did last time, Margarito will likely then have a very good possibility of wearing out him down. Cotto doesn’t possess the endurance to run about twelve rounds, not to mention he’ll simply deteriorate himself in the event that he attempts to run that way. He can’t get it done plus that’s likely to be a problem if he doesn’t withstand and then fight Margarito this time around.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is Cotto digging his grave?

Without the very first blow getting been tossing, WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto has already been digging a large hole for themself in the rematch using the bigger, more powerful and perhaps better conditioned Antonio Margarito on December 3rd at Madison Square Garden in New You are able to.

 Cotto had the brilliant concept of dumping his legendary trainer Emanuel Steward a week ago and it has changed him with little-known Cuban trainer Pedro Luis Diaz Benitez.

Couple of boxers have come across him also it appears just like a move that may be seen ultimately as undermining Cotto’s efforts to conquer Margarito within their rematch. Everything choose to go well with Steward, because he fixed the holes in Cotto’s defense coupled with him slugging less and boxing more, although by using constant memory joggers receiving by Steward between models.

Cotto will need to face the Mexican tornado without Steward and that i just don’t think his new trainer Benitez will have the ability to save Cotto from Margarito’s effective punches.

Cotto looked good throughout the very first couple of models of his conquer Yuri Foreman this past year, but following the 3rd round, Foreman really was lounging into Cotto with shots and also the fight being within the minds of numerous boxing fans at that time the bout was stopped within the ninth because of Foreman harming his knee and being not able to protect themself.

As well as in his last fight this season, Cotto required punishment in early models from 38-year-old Ricardo Mayorga before Steward reminded Cotto to return to boxing to avoid Mayorga from getting a stationary target to tee off on. Cotto ended up being in a position to box well until preventing a tired Mayorga within the twelfth round.

I am not so certain Cotto will have the ability to box his method to a choice over Margarito without the assistance of Steward giving Cotto constant memory joggers to not change things up with Margarito.

Cotto, left to his oven freedom, could finish up attempting to punch with Margarito to prove themself and finish up getting stopped again in another bloody massacre.

Cotto vs Margarito will happen on December 3.